Nowadays, a scanned photo in the form of a pdf or doc file is uploaded for verification. So, employees used to manually extract the applicant details from the document which is tedious and time-consuming hence increasing the labor cost and inefficient data processing times. Therefore, extracting information from documents with the help of DL is found to be in need.

We are basically looking for any useful information if it exists in
the table sub-image. Therefore digitizing the image is required so that it can be processed by a computer to perform experiments with DL plays an important role. …

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Nowadays, Due to the establishment of the internet worldwide, a large number of retail businesses throughout the world have introduced online shopping where the customer can order their basic product by browsing the selected shopping websites which provide the online service. During the online purchasing process, transaction data of customers is stored in the form of data for analysis purposes to understand the customer purchasing behavior.

Lots of research has been done and still in progress to establish the algorithm which can enable the retail or e-commerce business to create a good relationship between customer and sales business by giving…

dipak tiwari

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